Norman Epp


Material Manipulates Emotion


How form is treated imprints sensuality of artworks’ perceptual expressions. Solely geometric formality energizes rational, logical, rigidity, unwavering longevity; it nurtures an intellectually obdurate mindset that naturally fosters tendency towards stasis of sensual and intellectual being. Solely organic fluidity of form energizes the intuitive, flexibility, nurtures responsiveness in mindset, naturally fosters open tendency towards immediacy of change within sensual and intellectual being. The nature that formal expression is given governs the emotional mindset of expression.


Degree of separation, or of integrating, of geometric and organic formal qualities in presentation of any idea, concept, or of a Being’s energy, signifies its level of balance towards achieving holistic spiritual idealism.


Reality is not idealistically pure. Circumstances constantly flex. Natural realism is in perpetual motion, simultaneously being constantly mitigated by intellectual idealism that is characterized by limitations within human mindset. Emotional charge – the passion within any expression - whether organic, geometric, or some integration of the two - is carried through sensually nuanced tactile manipulation of its various components, and of its full demeanor. Nature’s reality - battered, bent and worn - cannot be expressed accurately unless reflective of its truthful condition. Textural treatment of surfaces, of specific forms, evoke definitive sensual impressions: relational juxtapositions and transitional characteristics between parts of a whole: visual alterations of familiar image: These conceptual devices manipulate visual language of perception that plays upon mindset.


Conceptual realism sensually sets-up cultural mindfulness by way of artfully altered manipulation of familiar formal status quo expectations. Natural realism at once rejects momentary denial inherent within idealism…but holds up ideal alternative as a dynamic ever-changing working objective that can never take form as perfection or a permanent truth.


Human endeavor significantly affects outcome of complex evolutionary creation process. Each person’s spiritual effort energizes universal materialization of positive Natural Conceptual Realism.


Norman Epp

Pueblo West, Colorado


Norman Epp is a Pueblo, CO sculptor whose conceptual sculpture expresses the Art of Natural Conceptual Realism.