Norman Epp


Chaos Moves Creation


Complexity, a Physics’ model of universal creation asserts there is tendency for order to be created at the edge of chaos. Norman’s multi-dimensional work integrates dynamics of natural physical forms and conceptual responses to planet Earth’s chaotic environmental crises. His art places Humanity as a critical energy within the dynamics of Complexity.


Co-mingled in studio’s cluttered spaces are pieces of metal, remnants of stones and trees; discards from historical and recent visions of humanity's path; fragments of life-spirit set aside by nature's way. Tucked into the studio’s voids collective consciousness’ spiritual energies bide their time. Archetypes solicit migration of hopeful fragments towards the periphery of those chaotic shadows, a place of artistic endeavor: Community Working in Consort. Creative space’s spiritual heart stirs a vortex of spiritual energies: living realism manifesting imaginative conceptual nurturing of Life’s continuum.  New forms conjoin, mingled shades of ancient and recent energies manifesting out of chaos, altered momentary variations of a perpetual continuum of awareness that people of the moment call Contemporary Art.


Earth’s natural physical restraints are primary determinants of humanities ability to live in any one moment. Holistic living activates direct Natural Reality as spiritual Oneness. Contemporary Art, in paradigm with a complex plethora of energies, synergistically exemplifies accurate determination of humanity’s perceptive awareness of its place in evolutionary creation process. These works’ multi-dimensional dialogue between natural realism and conceptual realism moves towards creating order at the edge of chaos. Norman’s work, inspired by Natural Conceptual Realism moves within Complexity.


Norman Epp

Pueblo West, Colorado


Norman Epp is a Pueblo, CO sculptor whose conceptual sculpture expresses the Art of Natural Conceptual Realism.